Sunday, November 17

just wanted to say hello. RVNG is not dead--- just hibernating!
get ready for an x-mas deluge!

Sunday, July 28

the site has a new address!

update your bookmarks/links!

Wednesday, May 1

more news!

RVNG will be featured in the AASA Stanford FASHION SHOW!

how funny is that?...
we are excited!

Monday, April 8

hey kids, check out the new RVNG section, EVENTS!

more new designs on the way...

Sunday, February 24

go go GO!

new shirt: "Oni"

new hoodie: "Space Assault"


more designs coming soon!

Saturday, January 19

o i !

major update to RVNG Central!

multiple new shirts added to the designs page!

new section, "CULTURE JAMMING" added!

another shirt added to "pre-RVNG"!

go here for details!

Saturday, January 12

ryan has made a swarm of new rvng goodies!!!  check
them here!

as for evan, he shall make some stuff soon, if he actually
has room in his dorm room for his supplies... mo' fun coming soon!