Sunday, September 30

yes... there is a new garment on the horizon. It's complete, but has not yet been modeled for the camera.

oh and by the way, this blog seems to look odd through Netscape, (ie: wierd banner add at random point in my last post), but hang in there folks...

and also, sorry the R.V.N.G. greetings section is not yet online. CGI script is tougher than I anticipated and college stuff is keeping me from realy diving into it headfirst...

Sunday, September 16

'an eye for an eye' leaves the whole world blind

our thoughts sent to those
who lost someone dear in tuesday's violence

do something:
american red cross
disaster relief information
anti-discrimination committee

Saturday, September 15

lately I've been finding myself making breakfast twice everyday... on accident.

*r a r r r* this is evan posting
right now for the 1st time. greetinz'

soon the r.v.n.g. krew will be headed
out to no-cal... we will see many an oddity en route.

on the way back, will evan make it
home on time or will he be forever stuck in airport purgatory?

forever? for ever ever? for ever EVER?

Saturday, September 8

revenge2.0 has arrived

go check it out

also, you can email the team here:

ryan vs. evan

Friday, September 7

hasta la venganza siempre

welcome to your nightmare